About Us & Our CL Brand

We moved to beautiful McMinn County in 2018. It was an adventure getting out here but we are loving the beauty and serenity out in this area. Our children carry a love for the great outdoors, all things horses and I guess you could say all animals. We named the Ranch “CloverLeaf” after the bazillion clovers you can find growing around the property and also resident horse Boomer had the CL heat brand on him already (along with many others) so we incorporated our “chosen” ranch name with his brand. CloverLeaf Ranch is situated on 24 acres with a flowing creek around the property. 

The ranch also features 32 pecan trees which makes fall a fun time! You can often find the young ones gathering nuts and or setting up a “pecan stand” near the road!

CL is our registered horse brand. The CL stands for Clover Leaf. All of our horses are branded using the freeze branding method. 

The freeze brand method is safe and does not scar. This method is done by putting irons into liquid nitrogen and letting them cool for around 20 minutes before applying to the horse. It is typically done in spring or fall months while a horses hair is growing.